How to start freelancing with only a little experience

You’re no longer just a coder - you also need to sell your services!
 Whether you’re looking to set up your own business as a developer, you’re between jobs, or you’re building your portfolio, freelancing is a useful thing to master. But as a freelancer, you’re no longer just a coder - you also need to think about marketing yourself.

In this Fireside chat, we’re talking about the ins and outs of being a freelance developer, and how to start freelancing if you don’t have a lot of experience. From platforms like Freelancer or Upwork to knocking on doors of brick-and-mortar stores in your community, there’s something for everyone. We’re also talking about contracts and invoicing, as well as marketing, creating your portfolio website, and getting the prospective clients to come to you (instead of you going to them).